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No Winter Lasts Forever, No Spring Skips Its Turn
Be Myself, She Said
New Teen Wolf Story Posted on AO3 - Like a Sickle Moon 
7th-May-2013 12:36 pm
Rodney and John
I've got a new Teen Wolf story posted on AO3; you can get it here

Summary: Stiles is kidnapped by the Trans Am wolf, who wants Stiles for his own. After an unlikely rescue, Stiles is returned home, only to be left with the problem of how to not only reseal the pact between and Derek, but how to do it in much more complicated ways. This is a sequel to A Wolf and His Boy.

Here are the relevant tags:


Here's the title image; there's only one this time, as this image of Stiles is from one of my favorite scenes with him. It's the one where he RUNS to the hospital on account of Good Old Uncle Peter has smashed the keys to his Jeep. He runs and arrives actually sweating, and is sweating when he lies to his Dad, and still sweating when he confronts Chris Argent about who it was, indeed, who burned Derek's house while there were live people and werewolves inside. Bad Kate, BAD!


Regarding warnings. I've been dithering with myself about this for a while....and I can't win for losing. If I warn the story for Non-Con (per AO3's Archive Warnings) but don't add "rape" or "non-con" to the additional tags, I get grief, because I didn't "warn" properly.  But if I put the Rape/Non-Con as an AOI3 warning, and there is no actual rape, then I anticipate that I'm going to get hell from someone else, because they're looking for a rape scene, and there isn't any in this story. There is, however, non-con.

The line between rape and non-con, and what classifies as what, changes from reader to reader. In my mind, rape is full on and unwelcome penetration; non-con goes right up to that line and seems to involve an absolute certainty that rape will happen, where the character feels they will be raped, due to much pushing and shoving and clothes being ripped off - but in the end, there is no penetration. But like I said, it changes from reader to reader; each reader must, thusly, decide for themselves. As must each writer.

So please be warned: my stories are graphic and somewhat violent, and I put in details that are meant for readers who are grown-up enough to accept the fact that if they open a story that contains, per AO3's very sensible Archive Warnings, the warnings of Graphic Depictions Of Violence AND/OR Rape/Non-Con, then they're gonna get what they get and not whinge about it. Actually most of my readers are pretty cool about it, if they're a little shocked they tell me, and ask politely to warn a little more firmly, perhaps in the summary (because there are only so many tags I can potentially think of to use) and hey, I'm happy to oblige. 

Also, please be warned that there are NAKED BOTTOMS in this story, and by "bottoms" I mean buttocks, sir. In this story, men touch each other's bottoms and people spill coffee on their ties, and werewolves have mysterious weather-predicting powers. 

I cannot warn any more strongly than that. 

Happy reading. 


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13th-May-2014 04:02 pm (UTC)
Sooo..., are you considering writing a third part of this? I think I've read the first two way too many times to be considered healthy!!

15th-Jun-2014 08:09 pm (UTC)
I am considering it, actually. I've had a number of comments from readers asking about Scott and why he's not smelled anything on Stiles....And I've said, "Well he's so involved with Allison, Allison, Allison..." and used that as an excuse way to many times for it to work anymore. I think he needs to find out.

I'll do my best!
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