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18th-Mar-2036 07:46 pm
Rodney and John
This is the entry for a list of all my fics. It includes:
  • Stargate: Atlantis - McSep!
  • Supernatural - Gen and slash
  • Dark Shadows - Which can get rather slashy
Stargate Atlantis


Lay Me Down So - Stargate Atlantis Big Bang 2011
Title: Lay Me Down So
Genre/Pairing: Slash - McKay/Sheppard
Rating: R
Word Count: 102,673
Warnings: Rape/non-con, graphic depictions of violence, darkfic, angst, rain and damp, bad weather, bad food
Summary: On an off-world mission, Rodney and John are kidnapped and taken to a hostile alien planet. While they struggle for survival and attempt to figure out a way to escape and get back to Atlantis, John falls sick, so it's up to Rodney to rescue them.
On AO3: Lay Me Down So



This is Sparta (Sparta Verse)
Sam finds out that winning a soccer trophy won't change his Dad's mind about how the summer should be spent. Dad wants the boys in training, Dean can't wait to try out that new crossbow, and Sam, he doesn't want anything to do with any of it. Trouble ensues.
On AO3: This is Sparta

Soldier Son (Sparta Verse)
The summer from hell continues, with generator problems, and the new crossbow which seems to cause more problem than it solves. Sam is trying to lay low, to stay beneath Dad's radar, but it doesn't quite work. This story is a sequel to This is Sparta.
On AO3: Soldier Son

The Gauntlet (Sparta Verse)
Sam's stitches come off and the crossbow training starts, much to Dean's delight and Sam's dismay. This story is a sequel to Soldier Son.
On AO3: The Gauntlet

With the Strength of Lions
Since it’s been so hot, Dad finally takes Sam and Dean to the river for a little fishing trip. This makes Sam feel a little bit better for not being able to play soccer, but not a whole lot because it’s still the summer from hell. This story is a sequel to The Gauntlet.
On AO3: WIth the Strength of Lions

To Fight in the Shade - Supernatural Big Bang 2011
During a hot summer in a cabin in a remote part of Alabama, John trains Sam and Dean for their future as hunters. Dad expects the boys to pay attention and work hard. Dean loves hunting and is happy as can be. The only thing that makes him mad is the fact that Sam is as unhappy as he can be because Sam doesn’t love hunting or anything to do with it. To Sam, it’s the summer from hell because the only thing he wants to do is go to school and play soccer. But they’re not in school, and Dad thinks soccer will attract the wrong type of attention so he’s forbidden soccer to Sam. This story is a sequel to With The Strength of Lions, but can stand on its own.
On Live Journal - Master Post
On AO3

Sparta Verse Pics
I had created a post with a layout of the cabin, but it got buried somehow so I thought I'd include a link here. I hope to add other pictures as well.

Phantom Load - Supernatural Big Bang 2008
Dean and Sam return to Boulder, CO, where they investigate a haunted school. The job seems simple enough to Sam, who has good, although vague, memories of living in Boulder back in 1992, when John Winchester rented a single-wide trailer, and the boys were able to walk home from school together. Dean, however, has altogether different memories, far less pleasant and far more damaging. It's during the investigation that Sam discovers the secret that Dean doesn't realize he's been hiding.
On AO3: Phantom Load


Blue Skies From Rain - Supernatural Big Bang 2009
The morning after Sam rescues Dean from the djinn, Sam and Dean go back to the warehouse to take care of the bodies of both the victims and of the djinn. But instead of what should be a simple clean-up job, Sam and Dean are sucked into a nightmare world brought about by the djinn's last dying act of revenge. (Takes place directly after What Is and What Should Never Be.) What do you do when you wake up in a mental institution and you think your brother is dead?
On AO3: Blue Skies From Rain

The Things We Carry With Us - Supernatural Big Bang 2010
Sam and Dean are on the road, saving people and hunting things, like they always do. Dean discovers that Sam is attempting to turn himself into a monk, and so he does his best to get Sam laid. Sam resists because, of course, who needs to have sex with a girl when Dean's around? It's about going on a roadtrip with your brother. It's about the food you eat, and the maps you follow. It's about the things you carry with you. (Takes place some time after Heart.)
On AO3: The Things We Carry With Us

Grand Canyon - Desert Verse

I always wanted Dean to get out of his deal with going to hell, but in a pinch, I wanted him and Sam to be able to go to the Grand Canyon, like they always talked about.

Fairy Lights
It is three or so days since Dean made his deal with the crossroads demon. As angry as he might be, Sam still loves his brother and decides that they need to take a break from hunting, so he plans one. Dean, on the other hand, thinks they are on their way to hunt a chubacapra down and has no idea where they are really going. This only works because Sam controls the maps and Dean is on auto-pilot.
On AO3: Fairy Lights

Desert Water
Dean and Sam have been hunting a chubacapra, but things go wrong and the beast takes a slice out of Dean. Sam's on first aid duty and the long vigil gives him far too much time to think about Dean's deal and the Grand Canyon and the moon and bee mead. This story is a sequel to Fairy Lights.
On AO3: Desert Water

Dark Shadows

Splinter Verse

Splinter(Splinter Verse - Story 1)
Willie's tasked with unpacking antique books that his vampire master, Barnabas Collins, ordered. Alas, in his hurry, he screws up and drops an entire crate of very valuable books. Barnabas determines that he will take the cost of the books out of Willie's hide, and then slashiness ensues. 
On AO3: Splinter

The Price: (Splinter Verse - Story 2)
Willie's come back from fetching something Barnabas wants to give to Victoria Winters. Alas, not only does the present get dropped (Barnabas blames Willie, of course), but Willie says to much about the cost of the gift and Victoria, being a lady, must turn it down. Barnabas is furious, and Willie contrite and stubborn at the same time. More slashiness ensues. This is a sequel to Splinter.
On AO3: The Price

Peice of Sky: (Splinter Verse - Story 3)
Barnabas has sent Willie to pick up a present for Miss Winters. Willie ruins everything, and must be punished. However, in doing so, Barnabas comes up against his servant’s odd proclivities to endure more than he must to get what he needs. This story is the same as The Price, but is written from Barn's POV.
On AO3: Piece of Sky

State of Grace: (Splinter Verse - Story 4)
Willie attempts to do what he’s supposed to do, but it’s awfully hard, seeing as how delicious the rewards can be when he screws up. This is becoming more complicated, as is Willie’s newfound friendship with the tow truck guy, Wesley Dale. The gaming box continues to be a problem as well, and Wesley starts drinking again. Sequel to Piece of Sky.
On AO3: State of Grace

Faith in the Atmosphere: (Splinter Verse - Story 5)
Amidst the task of picking out paint for one of the rooms in the Old House, Willie encounters Wesley Dale, who has fallen off the wagon and gone back to drinking. Things get complicated as Barnabas encounters Wesley attacking Willie, and then, even worse, when Victoria witnesses the whole thing. It gets messier from there.
On AO3: Faith in the Atmosphere


Fleet Verse
On AO3

Inches and Miles
Buzz, the cool beatnik and one-time boyfriend of Carolyn Stoddard on Dark Shadows, was not fazed by the big money of the Collins clan. In this story he is about to embark upon a journey to the west coast. As he prepares, he meets up with Willie, and invites him for a ride on his bike and a drink on the beach.
On AO3: Inches and Miles

Fleet of Stars (Sequel to Inches and Miles)
The conversation Willie has with Buzz in Inches and Miles leads Willie to remember his travels with Jason as he compares the freedom he once had with the eternal prison that is now his in the Old House.
On AO3: Fleet of Stars

Auction Verse
Originally this series began when I wrote a story in response to a prompt about putting Willie in a difficult situation with a bid for an auction that goes horribly, horribly wrong. Well it does, as it always does, but I had such fun with the characters that I introduced here that there are four total stories in this verse, in order: The Blind Auction Diversion, In Exile, Two Roads Divided, and Beyond Forgiveness.

The Blind Auction Diversion (On AO3)
Barn wants Willie to place a bid on a piece in a blind auction that Barn believes once belonged to his mother. Willie does his best to comply, but blind auctions are tricky, and then bad things happen.

 In Exile (On AO3)
Willie messed up the bid in Blind Auction Diversion, but then managed to fix it. In this story, he returns to the estate agency to set up a contract and take care of other things that bring him into contact with Walter Thompson and his new girlfriend, Lucy. Of course, bad things happen, but Walter turns out to be not as snotty as Willie first thought. Plus, Lucy can cook like an angel.

I fell in love with Walter in Blind Auction Diversion, not because he was snotty, but because he was new and interesting. I liked thinking about him reacting to Willie marching into the estate agency looking like he'd been drug through a bush backwards. Sequels are Two Roads Divided and Beyond Forgiveness. And, just sos you know, if you wanted a triangle table like the one described in this story, it'll cost you $10,000 in today's money.

Two Roads Divided (On AO3)
Walter has aspirations and dreams. He wants to hit the big time on the auction circuit and marry his beloved Lucy. Both of these can be taken care of, provided he goes to work for Barnabas Collins. It's just too bad that Willie Loomis might get stomped on as Walter makes his way up the ladder. And then bad things happen.

Walter Thompson grew on me so much that he got his own story, wherein he has to decide if he wants to become a complete and total jerk instead of a just a kind of sort of one. This story is followed by Beyond Forgiveness. This is my only Dark Shadows fic that is written from the POV of a non-canon character.

Beyond Forgiveness (On AO3)
Willie knows that if Walter comes to work for Barnabas Collins, he will be as trapped as Willie is. It doesn’t matter that he’s willing or might even deserve it, Willie can’t let that happen. Problem is, Willie has promised himself never to stick his neck out for another human being as long as he lives because it only gets him into trouble. And then bad things happen.

Willie has long since figured out how to work his boss, but he’s not yet learned not to care about a stranger at a crossroads. I doubt he ever will, which is what makes him so cool to write about.

Single Stories Not in a Verse

Breath of Heaven
Willie buys the wrong kind of paint, and has to go back to the paint store. Along the way he runs into trouble, and ends up in the hospital. This sets Barnabas off because he doesn't like modern doctors poking into his business.
AN: When I first wrote this, I thought it was a quite gentle story, since Willie kind of gets rescued, but really, it's one of the meanest I've done.
On AO3: Breath of Heaven

Ordinary Day
Willie goes about his chores and wonders if this is as good as it gets. And then bad things happen.
A/N: This is a stream of consciousness story, and up to that point that I wrote it, no one had written a first person Willie POV story, so I took it upon myself. This story is a one-off story that takes place in no particular verse, and, as most of my stories do, the events occur before Willie entered the loony bin.
On AO3: Ordinary Day

The Willie and Barnabas Diversion 
Willie can’t remember why he used to be afraid of his boss. But, once he sees Barnabas attack Adam, it starts to come to him, and no matter how far Willie runs, the memories are going to catch up to him.
A/N: This is one of the few stories I wrote that takes place after Willie gets out of the loony bin. I thought his character wasn’t as interesting in this weakened state, yet, one very hot August week, this story came to me. Go figure.
On AO3: Breath of Heaven

The Nicholas Diversion (On AO3)
Few people were as kind to Willie as Nicholas Blair was, regardless of the fact that Tricky Nicky used everyone for his own personal gain. Still, and all, he can reward as well as manipulate, and in this story, gives Willie a little piece of heaven.Nicholas Blair was the antithesis of the typical Dark Shadows villain. He had more style and class in his little finger than most Dark Shadows characters had in their whole bodies. He was definitely fun, and gave Barn a run for his money.

The Earring Diversion (On AO3)
Willie has secretly given Josette's earrings to Maggie Evans, because he's in love with her. Only trouble is, Barnabas knows they're missing, but hasn't been able to figure out where they've gone. And then he sees Maggie in the street. Trouble ensues. This is an early story about Willie, when, for some reason, I determined that a) I would write about him after he came out of the loony bin and b) that he was in love with Maggie Evans. Willie really is in a sorry state, and Barn almost can't bear to beat him. But he does, oh, yes, he does.


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