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No Winter Lasts Forever, No Spring Skips Its Turn
Be Myself, She Said
SGA Pimp for Escapade 2013 
27th-Nov-2012 09:59 pm
Rodney and John
Yeah, it's up, one of my current favorite SGA vids. I fell in love with SGA about two years ago, and though real life doesn't seem to want me to indulge my passions, I did come across this great vid. It's from Rodney's POV, and it's about all the things he learned from John, one of which was how to fall in love with him.

You can see the pimp here: http://escapadecon.net/ (I expect the pimp will get taken down after a bit...)

And view the vid here:  http://lilly-the-kid.livejournal.com/29259.html?view=224075

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