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No Winter Lasts Forever, No Spring Skips Its Turn
Be Myself, She Said
Going to Escapade - SGA/Stargate Panels that Didn't make the Cut 
3rd-Feb-2012 02:40 pm
Rodney and John
I believe in Democracy and that the majority shall rule! But I was sad to see that the two SGA/Stargate panels didn't make the top ten list.

So, to honor free will, and free speech, and McShep, I would like to ask those folks who were interested in the SGA/Stargate panels if we might arrange our own time to talk about SGA/Stargate - maybe in the bar, or someone's room? A hallway? On the patio? I have watched episodes and vids and read fic and am yearning to talk about them and hear about them, and get updates on great fic and new vids that are out there.

Here's the panel I suggested:

SGA - Rodney and John: True Companions or Mistcast Lovers?
A major pairing in SGA is McShep, even though Rodney and John, at first blush, seem like an oil and water combo that would never work, let alone gain so much mileage with such a huge following. So, is McShep wishful thinking and an act of desperation among fans? Or are Rodney and John truly well-matched, a pairing of yin and yang proportions? Why do these two work? And do they really?

And here's the panel a mystery attendee suggested:

Stargate - Best Fan fiction recommendations
Come share your favorite Stargate fan fics and authors. Let your fellow fans know where to find these gems. What's the best hurt/comfort? Best AU? Hottest slash? Which authors do you love, and who do you avoid like the plague?

You can contact me at lovesrain@yahoo.com, or reply via the Escapade yahoo-chat list. I look forward to hearing from you. : D

Best Regards,

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