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No Winter Lasts Forever, No Spring Skips Its Turn
Be Myself, She Said
Soldier Son (A Sparta Verse Story) 
11th-Sep-2008 09:01 pm
Rodney and John

Soldier Son - Main Page

Title: Soldier Son
Author: lovesrain44
Rating: R, Gen, some violence, tons of h/c 
Verse: Sparta Verse
Pairing: None
Word Count:  14,151
Summary:  The summer from hell continues, with generator problems, and the new crossbow which seems to cause more problem than it solves. Sam is trying to lay low, to stay beneath Dad's radar, but it doesn't quite work. This story is a sequel to This is Sparta.
AN:  I love being mean to Sam! This story is dedicated to my enabler

sheafleurand the marvelous amothea</lj>who has been panting for something good to read. Photo manips bysheafleurand technical accuracy by catdancerz</lj> .

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