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No Winter Lasts Forever, No Spring Skips Its Turn
Be Myself, She Said
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18th-Mar-2036 07:46 pm - Master Fic List
Rodney and John
This is the entry for a list of all my fics. It includes:
  • Stargate: Atlantis - McSep!
  • Supernatural - Gen and slash
  • Dark Shadows - Which can get rather slashy
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18th-Mar-2014 07:46 pm - Master Fic List
Rodney and John
This is the entry for a list of all my fics. It includes Supernatural gen and slash, and Dark Shadows, which can get rather slashy.

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Rodney and John
Here's the panel that I ran this year with Aral. It was one of those TW panels that gets left off the main schedule, and always ends up in the alternate programming slot (two years running!) because, I guess, it doesn't get enough votes. And the room is always packed! Go figure.

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Rodney and John
I've got a new Teen Wolf story posted on AO3; you can get it here

Summary: Stiles is kidnapped by the Trans Am wolf, who wants Stiles for his own. After an unlikely rescue, Stiles is returned home, only to be left with the problem of how to not only reseal the pact between and Derek, but how to do it in much more complicated ways. This is a sequel to A Wolf and His Boy.

Here are the relevant tags:


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8th-Apr-2013 02:05 pm - Going to London in
Rodney and John
 So, fannish folks, I'm going to be in London from the 11th to the 20th with my sister. I'd love to hook up with any fen for coffee or whatnot, if anyone's willing. I don't know who is on my list who lives there, but if you do, and you want to have coffee or a drink at some nice pub, I'm available. I'm into Teen Wolf at the moment, also passionate about McShep and SGA, Sam/Dean and SPN...and English pubs. 

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Rodney and John
Actually I didn’t, but I was around for some of it.

When I do look at photos of an actor, it’s because I want to see what of them is in their character. In this case, I am looking for Derek in Tyler Heochlin. I want to know how he creates Derek so well. Particularly, since Tyler seems a happy, well-adjusted, pleasant sort of guy, a HAPPY smiling, energetic, nice sort of person. And Derek is so growly and fronwy and unhappy and not well adjusted – so how does Tyler create him? From where does he pull elements from himself to create Derek?


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Rodney and John
 So here's my question - When and why would Stiles ever, ever, ever tell Sheriff Stalinski about Derek?

I asked Amalthia about this and her answer is inevitably a very sweet, "I don't know! I just like it when he does!" And then she tells me to shut my piehole and go write something for her. So I will, but first I need to talk to someone about it! 

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1st-Mar-2013 08:39 am - Escapade Report
Rodney and John

Here are some of my thoughts on Escapade 2013.

I had a great time, but then, I usually do. My biggest complaint is the fact that by the end of the convention, I've met people I wished I'd met at the start of the convention, so that we could hang out a whole LOT instead of doing it as Sunday winds down. (I'm looking at you Teen Wolf folks!) Next year, I hope to plan some kind of hookup on Friday night, with a viewing party and all kinds of social things I don't normally like, simply to meet up at the get go.


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Rodney and John
Here are the notes from the The Cool Kid and The Geek - SGA Panel at Escapade, 2013.

The premise of the panel was: 

Rodney loves John because John is sexy-handsome, lithe-and-catlike, athletic, brave, and ridiculously pretty. He's also one of the Cool Kids, so, yeah, Rodney might fall hard. But Rodney is not sexy-handsome, lithe-and-catlike, athletic, brave, nor ridiculously pretty. He's the Geek, so why is John drawn to him? Come argue your point!

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